Licensing of the Icons8 Icons

Learn how NOT to get sued by icons8

  • Paid Option

    Paying customers are eligible to download icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF file formats in any size up to 2048 pixels. Licensing is available in the form of subscriptions. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available. In case of monthly subscription, your account is charged once per month. In case of annual subscription, your account is charged once a year. You may cancel your subscription at any time. All materials downloaded while you are on subscription stay yours for good. You may continue to use them in current or future commercial projects. Few restrictions are applied. Please read more about permitted and prohibited uses.

    Monthly subscription would cost you 19.95$ and annual just 199.90$.

  • Free of Charge Option

    You are welcome to use icons apps for free for personal or commercial use. In this case, you have to reference us somewhere in an appropriate place of your product. In most cases, it is enough to place a web link pointed to our website's main page. A better option would be to place a link pointed directly to the icon you decided to use. Please note that the free icons can only be downloaded in PNG up to 100x100px. The Popular Icons and Logos are free in all formats, including SVG.

    How to Setup a Link? Below is the list of suggested places where you may set up a link:
    • Websites - we require linking from all pages where the icons are used. Please put the link in the footer if the icons are used on each page. A nice example:

    • Desktop software - please put the link in the About dialog
    • Mobile apps - please put the link in the About dialog and acknowledgment on the AppStore/Google Play page. If the application doesn’t have an About section, please reference Icons8 on the app page
    • Chrome App - please add the link to the description in the Chrome Web Store and (if it doesn't break your layout) somewhere in Settings
    • WordPress plugin - please link on the Settings page of the plugin and the plugin page
    • PDF, Excel, Word, any other document and also eBooks and printed editions - you can put the link anywhere in the document
    • PC game - please put the link in the Credits section. And we would love to have a copy of the game, thank you :-)
    • YouTube - please put the link in the description box
    • eBay page - you can put the link in the footer
    • Social network - please place the link in some of your posts
    • T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas etc. - put the link in some noticeable location of the product
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