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Tricky service integration questions

  • How Can I Purchase API Key? What is Included?

    Paid option means you have to buy an access token or API key. The token is a short string code. You embed the token into your requests for searching and retrieval engines. The same token is used to access both engines. The requests are the actual, non-cached icon retrievals. You may not cache the requests on your side for the reasons of fair billing. Requests to search engine have no limit within any API plan. No matter how many retrieval requests you've purchased. You may pay for API license on this page. After we receive payment, we issue an API token for accessing our engines.

  • What Are the End Points for API?

    The endpoint is the URL. Use this URL to access our API from your application.

  • Why Icon Size is not in JSON? Why Pixel Perfect?

    Notice, the icons that we have are of a vector format. That is why they could be of any size. For this reason we do not include the icon's size in the metadata of response from the search engine. You merely can substitute any value for size parameter in request of a retrieval service. In response, you'll receive the corresponding PNG icon of the size that you requested. For icons retrieval, we use omg-img service. To retrieve an icon you embed your API token right into your request http://img.icons8.com/ios/F0AC34/search.svg?token=YOURTOKEN. You may change the order of parameters in your request. Also keep in mind that due to the conversion of SVG into PNG, the "pixel perfect" come into play. There is a way to eliminate the artifacts of format conversion from vector to raster. There is an appropriate size for each platform which you can then multiply by various factors like 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. to get the PNG size you need.

  • Free VS Paid

    Omg-img service provides free and paid options. Yes, you can search and retrieve icons with omg-img for free. The free option works great for small and simple projects. The paid option lets you craft cutting-edge apps. You may use exactly the same paid token to access both searching and retrieval engines.

    Lots of the omg-img features are available to our clients for free. Premium options are available only to paying clients. The major difference is that paid license provides extra features which are:

    • Access to generate PNG icons larger than 550 px
    • Access to vector-format icons (SVG, EPS, PDF). Popular SVG icons are available for free.
  • How to Retrieve an Icon on a Paid Basis?

    The format for retrieving icons via paid requests is as follows:

    In the above request, parameters commonName, platform, token - are mandatory. Size - is optional. Assume we call v4 search engine with 'house' searching phrase and receive a JSON response as follows:

    Take a look onto parameters in the JSON. Platform parameter attains the value "ultroviolet". The commonName attains the value "Link-company-child". That's all we need to get the icon in the SVG / EPS / PDF / PNG formats by sending the following requests to the omg-img service:

    Note that the 'name' parameter is not used at all in building a retrieving URL for the icon.

  • How to Retrieve an Icon for Free?

    It takes a line of code to insert an icon in SVG or PNG format from the CDN to your application of any scale:

    • <img src=’https://img.icons8.com/search.svg’/>
    • <img src=’https://img.icons8.com/search.png’/>

    Also please note that:

    • PNG icons are available in limited size (less than 550px)
    • only popular SVG icons are available for free
  • Icon’s Search From the Address Bar

    Omg-img allows browsing for new icons from a browser’s address bar. This feature available for both paying and free customers:

  • Free Icon’s Search From Web App

    Free customers may use our web app as a free tool to search and full paths to the icons they like. Type-in a query in the app and click on the search icon to get a list of the most relevant icons.

    Then click on the icon you'd like to use. When the editor shows up click on the "HTML" button:

    Copy the full path to the icon and paste it into your app:

  • How to Retrieve Icons in a Particular Style?

    Retrieving an icon in particular style is easy. To do this, you embed the desired style as a parameter in your retrieval request:

    monochrome coloured
    iOS: http://img.icons8.com/ios/car Color: http://img.icons8.com/color/car
    Windows: http://img.icons8.com/windows/car Office: http://img.icons8.com/office/car
    Material: http://img.icons8.com/material/car Dusk: http://img.icons8.com/dusk/car

    See the List of More Than 20 Various Styles That You May Use to Retrieve Icons

    Platform Icon style
    win8 icons in the Microsoft Windows 8/Metro style
    win10 icons in the Microsoft Windows 10/Threshold style
    ios7 icons in the Apple iOS 7/8/9/10 style
    android icons in the Google Android 4 Kitkat style
    androidL icons in the Google Android 5 Lollipop (Material) style
    color flat color icons
    office Icons for Microsoft Office
    ultraviolet Blue UI
    nolan Gradient Line
    p1em Simple Small
    dotty Dotted
    dusk Cute Color
    Dusk_Wired Cute Outline
    cotton Pastel
    ios11 iOS Glyph
    clouds Clouds
    bubbles Circle Bubbles
    plasticine Color Hand Drawn
    carbon_copy Hand Drawn
    doodle Doodle
    fineline Fune Line
    isometric Isometric
    flat_round Round Infographic
    m_outlined Material Design Outlined
    m_rounded Material Design Rounded
    m_two_tone Material Design Two Tone
    m_sharp Material Design Sharp

  • How to Recolor Monochrome Icons?

    To change the color of an icon it's enough to insert an appropriate color code within an icon link:

    • http://img.icons8.com/ios/FF0000/car
    • http://img.icons8.com/ios/00FF00/car
    • http://img.icons8.com/ios/0000FF/car
  • How Can I Resize an Icon?

    To change icon size, it’s just enough to embed an icon size within its link:

    Icon's size can be written in two different formats: 100x100 or 100px.

  • How to Retrieve Sharp Pixel Perfect Icons?

    Each icon style is drawn for a specific pixel grid. Look at these few examples of various pixel grids:

    • iOS: 50x50
    • Metro: 26x26
    • Windows: 32x32
    • Material: 24x24
    • Color: 48x48
    • Office: 16x16, 30x30, 40x40, 80x80

    We recommend you to use multiples of original icon size. This will help to avoid all sorts of artifacts (blurring edges, washed out, etc.) associated with changing an icon size. For example, for the iOS style, the multiples would be 50x50, 100x100, 150x150 and so forth. You can set an icon size either by specifying the size in pixels 100x100 / 100px or with the use of factors: 2x or x2 (the number can vary):

  • What is the Greatest Size of an Icon I Can Retrieve?

    The restriction applied to free png icons is 550 px. Paying clients may retrieve icons in any size up to 2048 px.

  • What Should I Do if I Can not Find an Icon That I Need?

    You may send us a request to draw an icon you need. It’s completely free. We try to do our the best to make our service comprehensive. However, we do prioritize the requests which have the highest demand. Be creative, ask your friends, relatives, and any community members to vote for your requested icon to put your request higher on the queue.

  • Can an Icon Used in my App Change Over Time?

    In short, it’s very unlikely, but it's possible. The most updated version of an icon is accessible by a given icon’s link. Let take a look at the following example. Imaging we have a link https://img.icons8.com/water-molecule. For this URL we keep showing an icon with an illustration of a water drop or an abstract molecule. But what happens if we begin to receive more and more requests to change the icon’s appearance to say a water molecule like this H2O. Most probably we will alternate its look somehow to represent the structure of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together.

    In case if you are planning to use an icon longterm, the best solution would be to use the full canonical path to the icon. For that, type in a query in the app and click on the search icon to get a list of the most relevant icons.

    Then click on the icon you'd like to use. When the editor shows up click on the "HTML" button:

    Copy the full path to the icon and paste it in your own app:

  • How to Use Responsive Size for Style?

    It’s quite simple. Just add a parameter office to your request. For example:

    • http://img.icons8.com/office/50px/car.png?office=16
    • http://img.icons8.com/office/50px/car.png?office=30
    • http://img.icons8.com/office/50px/car.png?office=40
    • http://img.icons8.com/office/50px/car.png?office=80
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