How to Search Icons via the Icons8 API

Learn on how to search icons efficiently

  • How it Works?

    Retrieval of the icons is a service separate from the search. Instead of JSON responses, it returns directly the icons as PNG files. Powered with a CDN, it's blazing fast. Also, reshaping the icons via an URL is cool.

    It accepts the search queries and returns the responses. A response is a JSON containing metadata items for the most relevant icons. You can use the metadata to further filter, group, and retrieve icons. This section explains the searching parameters used for the service. You embed these parameters one after another in your query. The order of the parameters is up to you.

  • API Key / Token

    Personal API key or token is a shortcode in text format. This token grants you permission to send requests to searching and retrieval engines. After we receive a payment from a client, we issue an API key. You may proceed with the payment on this page.

  • Endpoint

    The endpoint is the URL where our service can be accessed by a client application. The V4 search engine endpoint is:

  • Platform / Platforms

    Platform parameter states for the styles of the icons. For querying a particular style, you have to assign the corresponding style name to this parameter as follows: "&platforms=ios7". Assigning value "all" to this parameter will trigger the search among the all available styles. For querying a subset of platforms, you may use "platformS" parameter instead of the "platform". "Platforms" parameter takes the actual names of various styles separated by a comma. Here is an example: "&platforms=ios7,material,color,etc..."

    Platform Icon style
    win8 icons in the Microsoft Windows 8/Metro style
    win10 icons in the Microsoft Windows 10/Threshold style
    ios7 icons in the Apple iOS 7/8/9/10 style
    android icons in the Google Android 4 Kitkat style
    androidL icons in the Google Android 5 Lollipop (Material) style
    color flat color icons
    office Icons for Microsoft Office
    ultraviolet Blue UI
    nolan Gradient Line
    p1em Simple Small
    dotty Dotted
    dusk Cute Color
    Dusk_Wired Cute Outline
    cotton Pastel
    ios11 iOS Glyph
    clouds Clouds
    bubbles Circle Bubbles
    plasticine Color Hand Drawn
    carbon_copy Hand Drawn
    doodle Doodle
    fineline Fune Line
    isometric Isometric
    flat_round Round Infographic
    m_outlined Material Design Outlined
    m_rounded Material Design Rounded
    m_two_tone Material Design Two Tone
    m_sharp Material Design Sharp

  • Language

    Icon names, categories, and tags are localized. Here's the list of supported languages:

    Language Language name
    en-US English
    fr-FR French
    de-DE German
    it-IT Italian
    pt-BR Portuguese
    pl-PL Polish
    ru-RU Russian
    es-ES Spanish
    zh-CN Chinese
    ja-JP Japanese

    The primary language is English. If we do not internationalize something, it will be in English.

  • Amount & Offset

    Amount field is the largest number of icons which you'd like to receive. The default value is 25. Offset field is the offset from the first received result. The default value is 0.

  • Sample Request

    • search query: "home"
    • amount: "50"
    • platform (style): "all"
    • language: "US"
    • token: "al05i21yfatb4s5eac20c4wr4394b1z2"

    You may use the platform as a filter in your requests.

  • Sample Response

    You may use category attribute to group the results. Pay attention that the service will not return the categories which have less than ten icons.

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