Licensing of the Icons8 API

Learn how NOT to get sued by icons8

  • Paid Option

    Paid option means you have to buy an access token. The token is a short string code. You embed the token into your requests for searching and retrieval engines. The same token is used to access both engines. The requests are the actual, non-cached icon retrievals. You may not cache the requests on your side for the reasons of fair billing. Requests to search engine have no limit within any API plan. No matter how many retrieval requests you've purchased. You may pay for API license on this page. After we receive payment, we issue an API token for accessing our engines.

  • Free of Charge Option

    There is no free option to use our dedicated search engine. Only the retrieval omg-img engine can be used for free. However omg-img provides a great deal of opportunities to use both searching and retrieaval absolutely for free.
    Few limitations of free of charge option are:

    • png icons are available in limited (less than 550px) size but suitable for a great deal of needs

    • only popular SVG icons are available for free

    • searching is only by means of omg-img

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